Figure drawing in the gallery

Really relaxing evening last night, sitting drawing 2 semi clothed models – often together, sometimes separately, posing by Jimmy Lau’s clever sculptures. Wine, music, the one hour session was just too short, & too many poses held for too short a time, 2 mins, 5 mins. But I’ve never drawn 2 models together, relating to one another – I’d love to do that again.

Here are 2 photos, though of the models standing separately, don’t have one of them together,  but from my drawings on the floor you can see that they were together sometimes. Somebody asked me if I was drawing with my red wine. Bit of blue in the second drawing below, no blue wine.




As I hadn’t managed to take photos of the opening reception as all was just too exciting that night, yesterday I did catch some folk looking at my pictures, so here’s a photo to show that people did look at them.


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