RIPE: exhibition at PubArt Gallery

I’ll be taking part in an exhibition in the lovely PubArt gallery in Chancery Lane in Central from 11/3 – 24/3 (excluding Sunday and Monday).

Fellow exhibitors are good friends Helen Boyd, Vasavi Seethpalli, Isabelle Garway Templeman, Priscilla Thiriez-Andre, Gladys Ng, Hiroko Wilson, and Malin Ohlsson.

I’ve just written us all an artists’ statement. We meet weekly for life drawing sessions at the Visual Arts Centre, and have become great friends, encouraging one another. I love the cultural diversity among us – Swedish, Japanese, Indian, Australian, British, Chinese, French. There have been others who have been within the group over the last years, but as is the way in Hong Kong folk leave. Always sad, but artistic liasions know no bounds, and so the friendships have always remained with those who’ve gone back to Australia, Germany and UK. And then of course all you then need is time and money to be able to visit these friends…

Anyway for this exhibition we’ve had to submit one piece of artwork, and I’ve decided to put in some red lions:



Tomorrow we’ll be meeting up again to move things onwards. Here’s a photo I liked of a first meeting with just some of us. I like the surreal element of the boy on the wall.


All exciting anyway.


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