RIPE exhibition, more school visits, and Sai Kung ‘Art and About’ tomorrow

Great opening reception of our exhibition, RIPE, last Friday –  a whole week ago now, it’s been a busy week. PubArt is tiny, so all 8 of us exhibiting hoped for a dry evening, and luckily that’s what we got so that the opening party spilled out onto the street. The gallery was a bit too crowded really – people couldn’t see or talk about the pictures properly!

It’s on until Thurs 24/3. PubArt Gallery, Chancery Lane. 12-7pm, Tues, Weds, Thurs.


Two friends in front of 2 of my 4 pictures. Coco Liu on the left is the lovely librarian who has been so helpful with regard my visit to the Stanley Montessori School. And Angela Rolston on the right, longstanding friend.



Artists Helen Boyd and Hiroko Wilson before a bit of Priscilla Thiriez’s lovely work. I didn’t take enough photos really, especially of the paintings! Too many people to talk to.



Heads. Vasavi Seethepalli’s Spring picture in the middle there, and Gladys Ng’s portraits on the right, and Helen Boyd’s 3 babies on the left.



Me, artist Hiroko, & artist and jeweller, Malin Ohlsson, and Chris Hall, a good friend who is a big collector of textiles, and artworks. Helen Boyd’s abstract ‘Monkeys’ behind us, and 2 of my watercolours, not that you can reasee them in this photo.

School visits: Montessori schools in South Horizons and Tin Hau.





A wonderful thank you picture from two apparently very shy children at Tin Hau Montessori School who wrote after the visit to ask me questions about writing and illustrating stories, and after I replied to them they drew me this charming pink dolphin.

It has been very stimulating to be inside the Montessori educational set up in which each child chooses his/her own projects and pace of working.  Different educational systems are fascinating, as are the trends in what is being particularly put across in many present day picture books: a child is to find his/her own solutions to  problems – very like the Montessori educational approach.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking part in ‘Art and About’ in Sai Kung. At the waterfront. An outdoor celebration of art in the community. It’s been so misty recently I hope we’ll be able to see from one booth to the other!


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