School visits, this is Book Week!

Good to be back at the Singapore International School yesterday for their book week.  Nicely attentive, yet enthusiastic, children, dressed up in character costumes….though not really so many dressed as book based characters. A lot from Star Wars, and Frozen.  We had some good discussions about the role of imagination  – the use of an imaginary character such as a purple mermaid to learn about pink dolphins and overfishing, and thought about what narrative non fiction is. And what did Einstein mean when he said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – the children readily understood the confinement of knowledge without imagination. Sometimes the Singaporean education system is thought to be too rigorously fact based, but not here at all. Seems a nicely balanced educational outlook, much like what my own children received at the Chinese International School.

Many thanks to Teresa Kenny for organising it.


Today I was in the International Montessori School here in Stanley, with its unique educational ethos. Children of different ages are taught together, and rather than being organised into many separate classes, the children are organised into Casa and Primary groups. Children are encouraged to be independently minded, learning possibly largely by way of all sensory guidance perhaps.  Nice little gardens where the children were growing flowers and vegetables. They were lively certainly, seemed happy, and it was a lot of fun to be with them. Lucky children to be able to be in such a beautiful and spacious campus.

Many thanks to Coco Liu for all her great help in organising all – so very many books!

More visits to come, but also exhibitions this week, and RTHK. Need to find time to do more artwork, simply because I’m hungry to do it, but also need learn a lot of music for an evening of music here in Stanley on Saturday, so never mind much sleep this week I guess.




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