Theadora Whittington




I'm a Brit, an Aussie, & also have Hong Kong permanent residency. I presently alternate between London and Hong Kong. Recently I returned to UK to study for an MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art which has widened my artistic vision hugely, and I continue to build upon all I learnt there in all directions of my work.

Before turning to art in a big way, I studied for degrees in theology and then law in universities in UK, while also enjoying an active musical life. I then worked a while as a barrister in London and in Beijing. It was while working in Beijing and learning Mandarin that I started to draw and paint, and I was taught traditional Chinese ink painting by the utterly inspirational Liu DaWei. On returning to UK I obtained another undergraduate degree, in Illustration, at the Cambridge School of Art. I returned to China, but this time to Hong Kong, and life in this unique city with its exciting blend of all things East and West became a main stimulus behind my artwork, particularly alongside my fascination with the symbolic role of pre-scientific beliefs in contemporary societies.

I also became interested in the importance of biodiversity, which was the driving force behind my three picture books that were published in Hong Kong, written specifically for children there, and two of which were endorsed by WWF (Hong Kong). I have really enjoyed taking these stories into most of the many international schools in Hong Kong, and into some of the local schools where English is spoken, and to have had many vibrant discussions with children from all over the globe.

I also exhibited in many group exhibitions in Hong Kong, especially at Studio2, and at the Visual Arts Centre. I have also enjoyed solo exhibitions in Beijing, and a few years ago also at the Li Hall at St John's Cathedral in Central Hong Kong. I have also exhibited in UK - within my open studio in London, as a member of the Gainsborough House printmakers in Suffolk, & within a group exhibition for VSO at the Barbican. .